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In-line De-Slugging

Slug removal, which is commonly referred to as de-slugging, is a process that removes the cut-outs from a die cut shape. When making products that have doughnut shapes, two cuts must be made: the outside cut and the inside cut. The ability to poke out the middle hole is referred to as slug removal. The hole in the doughnut is called the slug.

Custom Die Cutting

Removing slugs manually can raise labor costs, extend project deadlines, and can even affect quality control. Hand labor is inconsistent and slow, and when working with large quantities, it can become highly problematic. For instance, a worker might miss one slug, and then it can potentially delay downstream operations. Manual de-slugging can:

  1. Increase customer complaints
  2. Slow down efficiency
  3. Lower worker morale
  4. Cost too much money

Fortunately, there is a solution to the slug removal process that does not cost a great deal and is also quick. At Colvin Friedman, we can incorporate in-line slug removal into the die cutting process. Our systems eliminate the need for manual removal and the difficulties that are associated with the process.

Custom Die Cutting Service

We offer custom die cutting services, which means that we will custom design cutting dies and cutting process based on specific needs. For instance, we can combine rotary die cutting with in-line slug removal. Reach out today for more information.

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