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Although most are unfamiliar with what Rotary die cutting is, most people benefit from the process on a daily basis. Die cutting offers a spectrum of different industries quick and accurate cuts provided by die cutting machines. In this column, we will be highlighting some of the major industries that utilize die cutting. Only a few industries are featured, but it is important to know that die cutting is used by much more.

Medical devices like, bracings, adhesive conversions, and women’s health products are all partially made with different die cutting methods. Orthopedic and durable medical devices are the most commonly cut products.

Many of the electronic devices that we use every day are created with the help of die cutting. Wire guides and insulators are used to when creating networks for transmitting energy and electricity, whereas EMI/RFI shielding is used when creating handheld and home devices.

Rotary Die Cutting

Industrial workers, who want to be safe on the job, use materials and products that have been die cut. The most commonly made products are for eye safety, and this includes lens, face shields, and sandblast accessories.

Rotary Die Cutting

If your business is not utilizing die cutting, it is possible that you are wasting money on inferior products. Give us a call today, so that we can discuss all your plastic die cutting questions. When it comes to rotary die cutting CA, we have the answers.



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