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Four Styles of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Die cutting products is a practical and economical way to cut, bend, and shape sheet materials into final forms and products. The capability of industrial die cutting companies is extensive, including rotary die cutting, flat-bed die cutting, and male-female stamping. Each process produces different results depending on the custom job and the materials being used.

Custom Die Cutting

With all the specialization of die-cutting machines, it is possible to get final parts with PSA or pressure sensitive adhesives. PSAs come in four major types, and this includes:

Acrylic adhesives are the most versatile of the group. This is because it creates a strong bond between many different materials (even when materials are oily). These adhesives can be used to bond plastic and metal.

Double coated adhesives are used when creating final products that will be laminated. This adhesive offers a differential release, which helps when removing glue from non-permanent applications.

Rubber adhesives are used when creating products to be utilized in the home or office. They adhere quickly, but they can loosen at high temperatures.

Custom Die Cutting

Lastly, there are transfer adhesives. Of the four styles, this is the most widely used. It has a slim profile and can adhere to odd shapes. Typically, the pieces are used for in-line conversion jobs, as well as being used to help the packaging process. If you are looking for custom die cutting and PSA, reach out to a plastic cutting service today!


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