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“Our production plant has been in business for over 30 years, and a lot has changed since we first opened our doors. As soon as China came into the picture, all bets were off. We have been forced to keep our profit margins razor thin, and your company’s outstanding die cutting services go a long way towards keeping our bottom line in the black. Your plastic die cutting services are every bit as excellent, and your low costs are greatly appreciated by an ‘American’ company determined to keep its doors open. Without the high quality and affordability of your die cutting services (the heart of our operation), as well as matching plastic die cutting subcontracting, well, we might join so many others who have ‘called it quits’. So, keep up the great work so we’ll always know where to turn for top quality die cutting services we can actually afford”!


custom die cutting“As a relatively new manufacturing operation, we had a number of issues where we had yet to get ‘our feet wet’. For example, we knew we needed consistent quality, reliable, and affordable die cutting services that stayed on-time and on-budget every time. Well, it was just good luck that we happened to discover your company’s die cutting services for all our steel work, and you also have our plastic die cutting needs covered from A to Z. Everyone loves one-stop shopping for quality and value, and your company offers it all. Now that we’ve been in business for a few years and finally showing a healthy profit, we’re writing ‘thank you notes’ to everyone who helped along the way. This list has to include your excellent steel die cutting services, as well as your unsurpassed plastic die cutting for a great low price. Thanks to a truly great company that really does offer it all”!


“As an ‘old-timer’ plant manager, I usually don’t take too kindly to travelling salesmen, but the sales rep from your company really knew his stuff when it came to both steel die cutting services, as well as plastic die cutting techniques. A lot of sales reps don’t know ‘beans’ about the stuff they’re trying to sell, and I usually show them the door ‘real quick’. Long story short, at the time, we had been less than happy with our current die cutting services contractor, and we had to go to a separate vendor for our plastic die cutting needs (bit of a pain), and the plastic guys weren’t doing a great job either (maybe the story’s not so short). Anyway, when we made the switch to your company’s die cutting services, it was great to know that you could handle our plastic die cutting needs as well. Long story ‘really’ short: ‘Thanks’!


“I have no idea how many ‘thank you’ notes your company receives, but I just couldn’t help but say how much our once-struggling company appreciates your company’s really outstanding die cutting services that are ‘head and shoulders’ above our previous vendor. We’ll say the very same thing about your plastic die cutting contracting, and we’ll say it to anyone who asks. It’s always good when you can recommend any company with confidence, and when it comes to top quality die cutting services at the lowest prices in the region, heck, we’re delighted to pas your name along to anyone who asks. Again, your plastic die cutting is every bit as good, and not every company offers both services under the same convenient roof. My guess is you have a whole box stuffed with ‘thank you notes’, and here’s just one more for your collection. “Thanks a ‘whole’ lot and ‘keep on keeping on’!


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