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Rapid Diagnostics and Die Cut Components

Die cutting services are commonly used to make medical and health care products and parts. In some cases, the applications of die cut parts are for blood testing and disease detection. We proudly offer die cutting in California for medical needs.

Die cutting services

Die cutting services are ideal when thin and complex components need to be made rapidly. Standard die cut products include parts for rapid diagnostics and microfluidics. At our facility in California, we cut sheet materials (up to medical standards) with accuracy, speed, and repeatability. Often, die cut materials are made of specialized plastic or paper that has multi-layered structures. To meet medical standards, we are ISO certified.

Both diagnostic reagent strips and test strips are used when analyzing urine and blood. A die cut strip of plastic or paper is used in lateral-flow devices. The cut strip wicks fluid from one end to the other. The color change is created when chemicals/antibodies interact with a reagent. A die cut plastic strip that has pads allows several determinations to be simultaneously made.

Die Cutting Services

Microfluidic chips and strips are supported by die cutting. Microfluidic strips are used for controlling and manipulating fluids inside a network of channels with dimensions that ranges from 10s to 100s of micrometers. Micro-channels are etched and molded into a polymer like polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Doing this supports mixing, sorting, pumping, and controlling of biochemical environments. Without precision die cutting, it would be challenging to create microfluidic devices for LOC (lab-on-a-chip) applications.

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