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Is Die Cutting Worth the Cost?

Die cutting is commonly used in residential and commercial industries because the cutting method is effective and affordable. It offers users many advantages that includes uniform and consistent cuts that are precise and complex. Die cutting dramatically reduces material waste and lead times, while also increasing turnaround times and high-volume production. Are you concerned about your high-volume production demands? If you are, die cutting might be right for you.

Die Cutting Services

Die cutting services offer many benefits, but what exactly is it?

Die cutting consists of heavy cylindrical anvils and custom rotary die sets that are geared toward high volume production and tight tolerance applications. For the best die cutting California has, you should not hesitate to give our team a call. It is a versatile cutting method that proves to be a core component for the international die cutting industry.

Die cutting comes in different styles, which makes it even more versatile. We work with flexible and solid dies. Flexible dies are less abrasive, and so they are easier on materials that need a short run. Using flexible die cutting has a higher initial cost because of the costly magnetic cylinders. Solid dies are consistent when large quantities are required. The higher overall cost is justified when considering how long you will use the die.

Die Cutting Services

When approaching die cutting, each time, a person must consider all the specifics of the project requirements before starting. Our talented team will walk you through options to help you solve your die cutting needs.

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