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Die Cutting and Die Cutting Operations

The options and variations that are available when using die cutting solutions are extensive, and so trusting experts in the field is your best option for creating complex and complete die cut projects. At Colvin Friedman, we help clients through the planning, preparing, and packaging stages of die cutting. Die Cutting ServicesWe help our clients determine the best methods of cutting, so that we can help lessen turn around time and minimize cost of production.

At Colvin Friedman, we utilize both rotary die cutting and flat bed die cutting as a means to create a wide array of intricate products. Knowing when to use flat bed or rotary die cutting is important for creating final products because both die cutting methods are different. We also offer many different types of die cutting operations like bending, blanking, and broaching. Each option allows for nuanced parts to be created.

A rotary die cutting machine can create multi-layered parts as a result of being able to perform multiple functions in a single cycle. A medical adhesive strip, what is often referred too as a Band-Aid, is created with a rotary die machine because of the intricacy of different cuts.

Die Cutting Services

The differences between die cutting machines and operations is extensive, and so trusting a professional in the die cutting field is the best way to create accurate and inexpensive die cut products.

You can trust us for custom die cutting and other die quality cutting services. Give us a call today.

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