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The Advantages of Rotary Die Cutting

There are a many options to consider when approaching a die cutting job. This ranges from materials, processes, as well as the die cutting machines that will be used. Choosing the right machine for a job is more complex than simply contemplating turn around times. For instance, rotary die cutting is quicker than flatbed die cutting, but flatbed machines can do things a rotary machine simply cannot. It is important to make all die cutting decisions based on the project at hand. In certain cases, two separate machines might work, so it is important to know what all the available options are. Contact us at Colvin Friedman, so we can help develop a die cutting process that works for you.

Die Cutting Services

For a good deal of projects, both rotary die cutting and laser die cutting can be used, but rotary die cutting is more applicable in industrial applications.

A rotary die machine does things that a laser die cutter will have trouble with or cannot do. This includes:

  • Easily cutting through tough materials
  • Easily accomplishing large runs
  • Affordability when compared to laser cutting
  • Speed when compared to laser cutting
  • And more

You can trust us for custom die cutting and other die quality cutting services. Call us today, so we can further discuss your die cutting options.

Die Cutting Services