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Many different die cutting methods exist, including Mashburn metal, flatbed, and laser die cutting. Each cutting service posts its own benefits, but at the same time, they each have their own drawbacks. It is important to keep in mind that different die cutting services cannot be used interchangeably. Picking the right type of die is an essential part of the manufacturing process.

Die Cutting Services

Of all the die cutting methods available, rotary die cutting is among the most popular. Simply put, it is cost-effective and quick, and it can produce precise cuts, shapes, and forms. Rotary die cutting does all this without sacrificing quality or speed of construction.  As a result, it is an excellent way to build mass-produced items like boxes and other packaging. It is also commonly used when constructing electronic components, foam products, decals, and much more.

When using rotary die cutting, you can expect less waste when using other cutting methods. Ultimately, this leads to better savings for the client while also being better for the environment.

Rotary die cutting is durable because it is a straightforward process that has minimal wear and tears on components. The accuracy of cuts is high, which means that turn around and production times are quick.

Die Cutting Services

Rotary die cutters serve many purposes. This is because they can perform many tasks depending on the needs of the project and the client. For instance, rotary die cutting lends itself to kiss cutting and embracing. Rotary die cutting is also useful because it can perform inline packing when needed.

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