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What Does Kiss Cutting Mean?

Kiss cutting is considered a form of die cutting. This type of cutting is a popular print finishing technique that is used for a variety of functions. Kiss cutting creates meticulous and unique adhesive designs. Understanding the basic definition of this type of cutting will help you determine if it is right for you and your business. If you still have questions after this article, reach out for the best die cutting California offers. We also proudly offer rotary die cutting services.

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Kiss cutting is a form of die cutting, where dies only make a light impression in materials. The light impression has enough pressure to cut through the top layer of the material while leaving the backing untouched. Most commonly, kiss cutting systems produce adhesive labels and stickers. Kiss cutting can be performed on a wide variety of materials (adhesive-backed vinyl, papers, and foils).

The name kiss cutting is used because the steel rule used to make cuts only kisses the back material (without cutting it). It is almost as if the die is giving the backing a gentle kiss.

There are two methods of kiss cutting, which include thermal and steel rule die cutting. Steel rule cutting uses a crush cut technology that paces materials against a cutting tool, and then the two are pressed with the correct amount of force to cut through the top level of the material.

Thermal kiss cutting is used when cutting graphic marking vinyl. These dies can cut very intricated shapes and patters (cannot be made with steel rules).

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