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‘Accept No Imitations’ – Insist on the Very Best Die Cutting in the Region – Our Die Cutting Services Are the ‘Real Deal’

Phil Anderson

Rotary Die CuttingWhat do we mean when we say that our rotary die cutting services are the ‘real deal’? Well, we’re simply trying to make the point that, in the past, you’ve fallen for the pitch ‘We offer the best die cutting around’, and it turned out that you were getting a ‘raw deal’. In short, not only did the company fail to deliver on their promise of providing the ‘best die cutting’, in actuality, the company had provided you with the ‘worst’ die cutting services you have ever experienced. Needless to say, that company never heard back from you again. Oh, but they kept calling you. ‘What’s the problem with our custom die cutting services? What, you didn’t think our shoddy work added up to the best die cutting we had advertised? Well, mistakes happen, but if you give us another chance, we really will provide you with die cutting services that truly are second to none’ and on and on and on. You finally had to warn them to never call back or you would be doing a little ‘cutting’ of your own. That put an end to those telemarketing calls, and you never would have stabbed anybody, but the threats worked. No, you won’t be using that company again, not with their unfulfilled promises of the ‘best’ die cutting and delivering the ‘worst’. After all, die cutting services lie at the very heart of your company’s products and success.

To Continue Your Success, You Can Rely on ‘Our’ Company for the Best Die Cutting in the Region, and that is No Hype – Like We Said, Our Die Cutting Services Are ‘for Real’

How do you know our company isn’t, like so many others, simply hyping our die cutting services? How do you know that our promise of the ‘best die cutting’ isn’t just another Great Big Lie? We honestly can’t blame you for being skeptical, you’ve been burned (how many times) before? Excuse us for repeating ourselves, but we really do offer the best die cutting in the region, die cutting services guaranteed to delight, and to prove it, all we ask is that ‘you’ do some ‘asking around’.

Our Die Cutting Services Reputation is Our Best Advertising – Ask You Colleagues in the Industry to Verify Our Claim of Superior Die Cutting Services

Yes, you have been burned in the past, and what is it they say? ‘Fool me once’, etc., which means your best die cutting services insurance is to check out our unsurpassed reputation that, for years, has served us so well. It has taken us years to earn a reputation as ‘the’ one and only company to turn to for the Rotary Die cutting services in the region, but it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to hear our good name mentioned again and again. For real, for the best die cutting services around, call us anytime!

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