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Your Boss is On Your Back Because of Inferior Die Cutting Services – Your ‘Marching Orders’ Were to Find the Best Die Cutting – You Know, the Top Quality Die Cutting that Always Leaves Our Shop

Phil Anderson

Somebody fouled up (everybody’s blaming you) and your boss’ boss is on his back, so, of course, the blame for an entire order of truly inferior die cutting services lands on your desk. You can’t have your boss catching any flack about the screw up (not using the very best die cutting), which means you need to find all new and improved die cutting services like ‘yesterday’. You thought you had your bases covered when you had been told that you’d receive nothing but the very best die cutting from that lying and cheating contractor. What a joke. Everybody at the plant said that order was some of the worst die cutting services the company had ever suffered. Your boss told you to ship everything back and demand a full refund, and next time, find some die cutting services that won’t get you fired (your boss’ words). There’s precious little time to waste, ‘best die cutting’ coming right up (you told the boss), and now you better come through.

Getting a Full Refund on Inferior Die Cutting Services Could Mean a Lawsuit – That’s Just ‘Great’, You’re Supposed to Locate the Best Die Cutting in the Region and Talk to ‘Lawyers’, Too?

Yeeesh! Will your die cutting services problems never end? Your company shelled out a cool quarter-million bucks for die cutting services that were a total disaster, and now the rotten contractor says ‘sue us if you don’t like it’. Well, as soon as you get a minute you’ll get on the horn to the legal department because ‘sue you shall’, but first things first, and that means finding the best die cutting services in a hurry. Your boss said the company’s CEO might even make an appearance on the plant floor to find out why the company had been cheated out of some big bucks on some of the worst die cutting services ever – not to mention the fact that a bunch of customers aren’t going to get the company’s products on time. ‘Best die cutting services my eye’! You silently scream to yourself (while smiling at the boss) as you furiously search the company rolodex for the die cutting services contractor the company had used without problems for years. Aha! Found it – ACME Die Cutting Services – it’s too bad somebody wrote on the card ‘the company is Out of Business’.

Do Not Worry – the Very Best Die Cutting is Right Here – Our Die Cutting Services Might Even Get You a Promotion

We’ve led the industry and the region when it comes to providing companies just like yours with the very best die cutting services, and ‘you’ might be kind of ‘new’ at your job if you don’t already know our famous name. Your job is secure – call us anytime for consistently outstanding die cutting services. You’ll be glad you did!

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