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You Manage a Company that Provides the Region’s Best Die Cutting, Top Quality Die Cutting, Die Cutting Services that Can’t Be Beat – Exceptional Die Cutting in CA, and ‘That’ Is the Problem

Phil Anderson

You’re the managerial force behind a company that offers unbeatable die cutting services that are the envy of the industry. Everyone agrees that your company is the place to go for consistently excellent service and the best die cutting around – period. So, why is that a problem? Well, there’s another company (call it ‘Company X’) that also offers die cutting services in the region, and because they’re greedy and have low standards, their ‘headhunter’ has been trying to steal you away from your present position because you know exactly what it takes to provide the best die cutting at a really great price. Company X wants to corner the market on die cutting services in the region, and if anybody knows how to provide the best die cutting, it’s you. So, Company X figures you also know every which way possible to cut corners and reduce quality to just barely acceptable limits, thus increasing the profitability of Company X. Not only will they get a substantial boost because their chief competitor just lost their best man (you), they also intend to raise prices for ‘less than the best die cutting because Company X has only one concern – making money and lots of it. Die Cutting Service

You Are Proud of Your Company’s Die Cutting Services – Your Company is Widely Known for Providing the Die Cutting in CA at the Best Possible Price – Company X Doesn’t Like That

Okay, so the headhunter is offering you a sizeable bump in salary and benefits that are hard to ignore, but you know up front they only want your expertise for one reason – you know exactly how to convert the best die cutting into low quality die cutting services because you know the industry inside out. Quite a quandary, you like money and increased benefits, but you also take pride in what you do. You take pride in managing a company that is widely known for exceptional die cutting services at a fair price. Sure, you ‘do’ know all the many ways to turn the Rotary Die cutting contracting into just barely acceptable die cutting services, but the price Company X wants to charge for their (planned) shoddy work is downright outrageous.

You Are Going to Stay Put – Your Company Will Continue to Provide the Best Die Cutting Around, and Company X Can Take ‘Their’ Plastic cutting service Elsewhere

As we said, you take genuine pride and true satisfaction in your present job. Managing a company that provides consistently outstanding Plastic cutting service is a badge of honor and more dollars and benefits won’t change your mind. Hopefully, Company X and their plans for low quality yet sky high-priced die cutting services will both bite the dust because you’re not going anywhere. It’s the best die cutting today, tomorrow and from now on. Sorry, Company X headhunter – no dice.

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