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Custom Die Cutting

Die cutting machines help to create a broad range of unique and customized products and parts. The versatility of these machines is only possible because of different die cutting tools that are used by manufacturers. At Colvin Friedman, we ensure that all our customers get the products they need without having to worry about determining machine applications, materials, and cutting units. We know when to use flexible dies as opposed to solid dies or cutting cylinders.

Flexible dies are frequently employed for producing labels. The dies are cost effective, and they only require a short set-up time. The dies are easy to replace, and they are easy to store. The production of flexible dies requires less money and time than when creating solid dies. Flexible dies are also able to make corrections through turning, which is not possible for solid dies.

Solid dies are the first choice for high-volume productions, as well as applications like punching and extracting. Cylinders (slitting and sheeting) have interchangeable knives attached that help tear off/fold perforations (other applications as well). Solid dies are more durable than flexible dies, and so they can be continually reworked/sharpened.

We will work beside you to decide the best die cutting applications for your business and your needs. Give us a call today.

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