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The Extensive Capabilities of Flatbed Die Cutting

The capabilities of flatbed die cutting are almost endless. It is a fabrication process that is best suited for companies and industries that range from packaging companies and gasket manufacturers. Manufacturers use this cutting process to convert a wide range of materials, such as fabrics, metals, and plastic. Most sheet materials can be processed with custom die cutting services. To convert materials for specific applications, different flatbed die cutting processes are used. Each process is slightly different, and as such, they should not be used interchangeably. Below, we will take the time to go over some of the most used flatbed die cutting capabilities.

Custom Die Cutting

Custom Die Cutting Services

Scoring is a conversion process that creates an impression from the die. Besides impression, the die can also make indents and single cuts at desired stress points on stock material. Cuts do not go all the way through the material.

Creasing is very similar to scoring but creasing creates a folded line in sheet materials as opposed to making cuts and impressions. Creasing is used to reshape materials to have an inward bending bulge that goes between two separate parallel stress points.

Perforating is used when a manufacturer needs materials to be held in place by a sequence of punched-in holes. Designs do not get separated from the backing material, but they can be easily detached because of the perforated lines. Die cutting services commonly use this technique.

Kiss cutting uses dies to cut through the front face of an adhesive material layer, but it does not cut through the backing materials. Die cut designs are not fully separated from the stock, sheet material.

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