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Die Cutting Methods and Possibilities

Die cutting techniques are used to create vastly different products for various industries throughout the world. At Colvin-Friedman, we custom tailor die cutting processes to match the specific needs of our clients. Our extensive array of machinery allows us to cater to the different needs of our customers.

Some of the unique processes we employ are:

Rotary Die Cutting:

This is one of our most commonly used methods of die cutting. We use a cylindrical die that is affixed to a rotary press. The die makes cuts, creases, and perforations, while web/sheet materials are fed through this machine. The method of cutting can quickly create identical parts.

Flat Bed Die Cutting:

Rotary Die Cutting

This process of cutting is more closely associated with stamping than cutting. A custom die is used to stamp web materials. This sort of die cutting is mostly used when cutting in small quantities, as well as when needing thicker materials.

Kiss Cutting:

This method of cutting is utilized when working with laminated materials that cannot have their liner punctured. This cutting leaves final products with the die cut part connected to the liner.

Pull-Tabs/Extended Liners:

Creating pull-tabs is easy when using die cutting machines. Cut materials have a portion of the liner extending to leave a pull-tab.

If you are new to rotary die cutting CA, give us a call today! We would be happy to discuss all your plastic die cutting needs.


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