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Commonly Used Die Cutting Operations

Die cutting is used in many different applications due to its versatility. There are specialty dies as well. There are so many die cutting operations on the market today that we can find something to fit your needs when looking for die cutting CA (California).

We specialize in custom die cutting. Below are a few of the many die cutting operations we provide:

Custom Die Cutting
  1. Curling - This die cutting bends or rolls material into a curved shape. It’s an excellent choice when looking to improve the stiffness of a material.
  2. Forming - This process bends the base material, and it’s often used in conjunction with drawing.
  3. Drawing - This die cutting process stretches a material to the desired length and its most popular to create wires, tubing, or bars.
  4. Bending - During this operation, we deform a base material with pressure from a die.
  5. Broaching - When working with thick material, or material too hard to cut with other operations, use broaching.
  6. Coining - When looking for intricate or precise designs on your product, coining is the way to go. Using a stamping process, coining punches circular holes through the material.
  7. Swaging - This operation creates a “necking down” feature to the material. One example of swaging is the tapered end of a bullet casing. It’s performed during either a cold or hot process.
  8. Extrusion - This process also uses a large amount of pressure to force the material through an extrusion die. This operation differs from coining because it takes on the shape of the die itself. 

Custom Die Cutting

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