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Benefits of Using Solid Dies Over Flexible Die

Die Cutting CASolid dies have many advantages and disadvantages, so you should never use this die type for all die-cutting applications. A solid die is relatively popular in manufacturing, but some drawbacks still prevent it from being used in more die-cutting applications. When comparing a solid die to its counterpart (flexible die), it is always seen as better for a wide range of manufacturing applications. For instance, solid dies can easily cut thick and abrasive materials with multi-layer construction. Solid dies do not fault with high and long-run production: they are solid, strong, and reliable in these situations. The best die cutting CA has to offer provides custom die cutting solutions with both flexible and solid die cutting options.

A flexible die is limited to certain construction materials, which limits their application because they cannot process all materials. A solid die is constructed from a much wider range of choices than its counterpart. As a result, a solid die is more versatile in that it lends itself to more customization in the die cutting process. Simply put, a solid die has more applications and specifications than a flexible die. For instance, only solid dies can perform deep engraving. This is possible because solid rotary dies can be constructed with high die blade heights that quickly and efficiently allow solid dies to cut both thick and multi-layered materials.

Some other benefits solid dies have over flexible dies include:

  • Solid construction produces a stronger, more durable die (this is great for long-run, high-volume productions)
  • Solid dies can process abrasive materials
  • Solid Rotary dies provide greater pressure than flexible dies
  • These dies have a longer operational life
  • Dies can be resharpened (flexible dies are discarded and replaced once they show signs of dulling and fatigue)

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