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Phil Anderson

What Do Plastic Die Cutting Have to Do with National Security? That Information Is Classified – Who Needs the ‘Best Die Cutting’, ‘Top Quality Die Cutting’ or ‘Super Precision Die Cutting, CA’? Again – ‘TOP SECRET’

Okay, now that you’ve been around for over half a century, you’re not the ‘stud muffin’ you used to be (who is?), but your company’s die cutting services have made you a multi-millionaire. So what? Well, when you’re filthy rich, there are still lots of beautiful young women half your age (or less) who still think you’re adorable. Yes, but when you tell them about your company’s die cutting services – unsurpassed quality die cutting, mind you – the girl’s eyes just glaze over with boredom. If you talk about a particular cut die manufacturer part, the girls yawn – it seems die cutting, CA just doesn’t interest them. Okay, your company has done tons of work for defense contractors, and machines and bombs designed to blow the enemy to smithereens require state of the art die cutting services, nothing but the very best die cutting where precision really matters. This is why you now tell the girls you’re involved with ‘National Security’ and it’s all very ‘hush-hush’ (TOP SECRET). No more talk about any cut die manufacturer part or die cutting, CA or the fact that your company offers unsurpassed quality die cutting or any of that nonsense. No, you’re a ‘Secret Agent Man’, and that gets the girls real excited!

Yes, The Military Industrial Complex Demands Nothing but the Best Die Cutting, Top Secret and Top Quality Die Cutting, Die Cutting Services that Offer Fail-Safe, Killing Machine Performance – ‘National Security’ Level Die Cutting in CA Where Every Cut Die Manufacturer Part Must Be Perfect

You’re on a hot date with a hot blonde, and she just loves your ‘Lambo’, but you make sure there’s no ‘pillow talk’ (later) about die cutting services – no bragging about superior quality die cutting or die cutting, CA or (heaven forbid) any mention of a specific cut die manufacturer part. No! Never! You’re not in the die cutting services business or any of that stuff, you’re in the ‘Defense of the Homeland’ biz, but you really can’t talk about it. Man, the girls now think you’re a 007 or something and you can’t beat that.

You Better Believe Defense Contractors Will Settle for Nothing Less than Exceptional Die Cutting Services

Military stuff that goes ‘BOOM’ requires the very best die cutting, consistent quality die cutting, ‘sky high priced’ die cutting, CA, and who ‘cares’ what any cut die manufacturer part costs? Hey, your company’s die cutting services are all on the ‘taxpayer’s dime’, so the best die cutting, naturally, costs more. Military quality Rotary Die cutting (even if it is die cutting, CA) can cost a fortune, which is why you’re a bazillionaire ‘chick magnet’ and a ‘Secret Agent Man’. Who says die cutting services have to be boring to the ladies? Hey, a cut die manufacturer part is pretty darned sexy when it’s strictly ‘TOP SECRET’!

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